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Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Humidifier

Sale Price: CAD $125.96
Compared at: CAD $186.99
You Save: CAD $61.03
Manufacturer: Cigar Oasis


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Cigar Oasis 2.0 Water Cartridge (+CAD $14.00)
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Designed for up to 100 cigar capacity desktop humidors (up to 1.5 cubic feet)

The Next Generation Cigar Oasis ULTRA 2.0 is a sleek, smart humidifier that mounts under the humidor lid. Take it out of the box, and in under 5 minutes your humidor will be on its way to a perfect environment for your favorite cigars. The digital controls and humidity readout will keep your cigars just how you like them. The ULTRA 2.0 comes with both an AC adapter and an internal, rechargeable battery and is ideal for humidors up to 1.5 cubic feet (approximately 100 cigars or 45 cubic centimeters). The digital display allows you to set the humidity reading to your own desired level. It is factory set at 70%, but based on your own preference can be a bit drier or a bit more moist. Set it so your cigars give you the perfect draw every time. There is also a Low Water and Low Battery indicator. The ULTRA 2.0 comes with a cartridge that is pre-filled and can be refilled over and over with distilled water only. A cartridge can last up to 6 weeks without needing a refill depending on the size, seal and how frequently your humidor gets opened. The cartridges are factory treated with a mold retardant so that your cigars will always be safe and no chemical solutions are needed.

The Cigar Oasis ULTRA 2.0 … “Set it and Forget it!”


  • Slim, Lid Mounted - Takes up minimal space
  • Powers via paper thin ribbon cable
  • Internal rechargeable battery NEW
  • Provides consistent, unattended, long term, humidity control
  • Fan circulates air to reach each cigar equally - No need to rotate cigars
  • Set humidity to the precise level preferred (adjustable from 40% to 90%)
  • Displays temperature and three day min/max averages for humidity NEW
  • Low Water/Low Battery indicator & alarm
  • Micro-USB connections NEW
  • Wi-Fi (WiFi) Capable - monitor humidity, settings, water & battery level (Optional Accessory) NEW
  • Email/text alerts for Low Humidity, Low Water, & Low Battery (Optional) NEW
  • Calibration Adjustment

Dimensions: 2.5cm H x 7.2cm W x 18.4cm L (1" x 2 13/16" x 7 1/4")

[Download the Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 User's Guide]

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ninodagher
ninodagher bought "Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Humidifier" on our website
12/19/2014 - 05:29:11 PM
Good product
This is a great product once you get it calibrated to your hygrometer in the humidor. The setup is pretty straight forward. attaches nicely in side your humidor with the magnets.
Reviewed by iburgess
iburgess bought "Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Humidifier" on our website
03/19/2014 - 05:34:52 PM
As advertised
Awesome. Works great. I have never been able to keep my humidity up over the winter months, achieving only 60-65% usually at best, and that would involve adding solution all the time. But within an hour or so of installing this until in my humidor, it's been holding 70% since. I don't know yet how often I'll have to recharge the foam cartridge (you just let it soak in distilled water for a few minutes, based on the directions), but I am certain that maintaining this will involve much less monitoring than maintaining things the way they were. The WIFI adapter for offsite monitoring should be really cool when it becomes available too. Cheers!

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